Interior Decorating
Interior decorate is essential to us, and we have a process that we follow for all Interior painting jobs. It is a priority that we follow this systematic process and make sure your house looks elegant. The process for our interior decorating services in Sydney includes – covering, preparation, painting and cleaning. This process ensures our customers are happy with our work and their home looks just the way they wanted. Our experience and passion give our customers a variety of effects they can use for their interior design and decoration, such as-

  • Gold effect
  • Suede effect
  • Theatre
  • Rust effect
  • Pearl effect
  • Stainless steel effect
  • Metal shimmer effect
  • Copper patina effect
  • Copper effect
  • Metallic effect
  • Concrete effect
Covering: We take interior jobs seriously and have a process that we use for Painting Services in Parramatta. We start by covering everything that isn’t supposed to be painted using drop-sheets, plastic and masking tape. It ensures that no paint goes onto the unwanted areas, making the job much easier both for the customers and for us.
Preparation: The next step is preparations. Cracks and holes on all surfaces (walls, ceilings, woodwork, etc.) are filled. For the filling component of the preparation, we use Top Coat Patch for bigger holes and cracks, for the smaller holes and cracks, we use Selleys No More Gaps. After the filling is dry on all surfaces, we start with sanding the entire surface including ceilings, walls, woodwork, etc. The next step for preparation is that we remove dust from the surfaces that need to be painted.

Primer: We use 1 coat of primer on all walls, ceilings, woodwork, etc. that need to be painted. When the primer is painted, we look closely at the wet areas to see any holes, cracks and dents because they are more visible when the surface is wet. It leads to the next step, which is detailing. If there are certain dents and cracks, we will fill them so that the surface looks clean and pristine. The areas that have been filled will then need a touch up of primer to make sure it is entirely ready for paint. The final step for the primer is sanding the surfaces that primer has been used on; this prepares the surfaces to be painted.

Painting: The next part of the process is the actual painting. Our experience can guarantee you that we take pride in our work and finish the job with a professional finish, leaving your interior looking prestigious. Our final coat in the painting step leaves your surfaces with no roll-lines and brush-marks.

After the customer is happy with our work and satisfied with the job, the final step occurs.

Cleaning: Fantastic Painting makes sure the house is looking nice and clean. We remove all of the drop sheets, covers as well as any dust and drops of paint. We also vacuum the floor, leaving no mess behind. It is a necessity that the customer’s house has that new look.

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